A deep, decadent sponge encased in luxurious chocolate buttercream.


Choc fruit cake.jpg


Fully iced



Decorate with seasonal fresh fruit +£5

Fill with homemade salted caramel +£5

Add orange flavouring +£2


Other icing option:


Whipped Caramel Ganache +£5


Our Whipped Caramel Ganache icing is second to none for decorating chocolate cakes. Outrageously sumptuous, it has a truffle like texture at cooler temperatures and mousse like at warmer temperatures. Melts in the mouth- utterly irresistible!

7” x 2 layers

7” x 3 layers

9” x 2 layers

9” x 3 layers

(6-8 serves) 

(10-12 serves) 

(14-20 serves) 

(24-30 serves)